Arround the world with Travella. We offer complete range of domestic and international tour packages

Online Ticketing

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Telephone number of Ticketing 1 021-3925872
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Telephone number of Ticketing 2 021-31928412
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Telephone number of Ticketing 3 0213925873



Online Systems Flight Enterprises

At this time , we implement two major systems in our online computer systems , such as ABACUS and ALTEA . In terms of the provision of tickets, we always provide the ticket in good condition and it is thanks to the new long- established cooperation both with the airline - the airline in question , and providing tickets can be fully controlled and always make additions to the regular ticket inventory .

Human Resources

Our human resource is a solid asset to the company , provide staff training and professional in every serving clients , ranging from tickets , hotel reservations , incentive, package tours , and others. Behind the readiness that they contributed skills and the desire is always there to serve , best offers and place the client's comfort and satisfaction in their journey .

Scope of Services Includes the Interior Nor Abroad
Travella Tour a service providing global travel , speed up the process and business management strategy which allows the customer can get a program that is efficient yet fun way


Travella Tour has set up a special division to handle all hotel reservations . " Platform " Our online hotel booking helps customers to get quick confirmation with a very competitive price . Based on the results that have been proven , we can provide a choice of hotels around the world to our customers at a special price in various classes and categories .

Travel Insurance

Travella Tour provides travel insurance for both individuals and companies . We have a good relationship with several insurance companies such as AXA , AIG

Travel Document Management

Travella Tour has a special department serving customers for passports and visas to various countries .

Meeting , Incentive , Conference and Exhibition

A division of MICE ( Meeting, Incentive , Conference and Exhibition ) in Travella Tour has been set up to deal with the purpose of meeting , incentive, conference and exhibition industry every company and organization

Travel Package

Tour packages to various destinations in the world famous tourist outbound tour programs offered in Travella Tour across all continents and with a well-known destinations .