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Passport :

Passport is an official document issued by the competent government of a country that contains the identity of the holder of the passport holder itself which includes photo , signature , place and date of birth . And applies to travel between countries legally and get right to protection while abroad and a right to return to their homeland .

New Passport :

1.Fill out the application form Passport RI complete in block letters and black ink ( Forms are available at the Customer care ) .

2.Melampirkan asli dan 1 (satu) lembar fotocopy :

• proof of residency
a. For Indonesian citizens residing in the territory of Indonesia form of Identity Card ( KTP ) and Family Card ( KK ) with the same address and still valid .
b. For Indonesian citizens residing abroad mark Receipt local State residents , or Evidence / Instructions / Other information that shows that the applicant resides in the State they will be, or evidence has to fulfill the obligation to report on the RI State Representative .

• Proof of Identity of the form :
a. Certificate / Letter of Birth ;
b. diploma ;
c. Marriage Certificate / Marriage Certificate / Letter of Baptist ;
d. Certificate or other document issued by her Government Agencies .

3. For Civil Servants / police / army / Private Employees need permission from Instutions concerned.

4. Rename Decree suitable conditions occur .
For children aged under 17 years and unmarried attach :
• Parents ID card is still valid;
• KK ( Family Card ) children enrolled ;
• Marriage Certificate / Marriage Certificate of Parents ;
• Birth Certificate ;
• Statement Letter ( permission ) Parents ;
• Parents passport .

5. For those who will work as Indonesian Workers ( TKI ) in Foreign attach a letter of recommendation from the Ministry of Manpower .

6. For Ship's Men ( ABK ) attach : Seaman Book , List of crew ( crew list ) , a letter of recommendation from the skipper or the Shipping Company Agent works .

7. Not listed in the list of prevention .

8. Pay the cost of immigration in accordance with applicable regulations

V I S A :

A visa is a document issued by a country to grant permission to enter the country for a period of time and a specific purpose.

To request for a visa can contact Travella Tour to find out more.